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One Day per week, Wednesday only 10.30 am -5pm for 12 weeks.
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Located in the renowned Tileyard Studios complex near London King’s Cross, Music Business School is placed at the very heart of London’s music business quarter. Tileyard is home to over 75 music businesses, 70 studios and sees hundreds of creative professionals visit each day.

Learn the Music Business

Our established music business course helps you get the skills and knowledge you need to take your career to the next level. Whether you're already working in the music business and want to develop your career or whether you're looking for your first job in music, book a career consultation with our admissions team today and learn how MBS can help you achieve your industry goals. Our full twelve-week course is £1295. Early bird pricing, bursaries and other support may be available. Set up a call with one of our course advisors today to learn more.

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For Promoters

Promoters need unique knowledge and skills to take their businesses from local club events to national promoter status. Get a detailed view of today's live industry with Music Business School.

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For Managers

Artist managers sit at the centre of the music business. As the music business continue to evolve, having a solid overview of every aspect of the music business is essential.

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For Artists

As an artist, today, it's easier than ever to release music, build a fanbase and run your own artist-centred music business. Music Business School gives you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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The Music Business Course You Need

In the 12 short weeks it takes to complete your MMBE course you’ll go from having questions to having answers. Past students have come from every background and previous experience level and found this course has given them the boost they needed.
Our students come from throughout the UK, including London, to study at Music Business School. A wide range of international students have also benefited from our London based course. No matter where you are from, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to get you a foothold in the music business.

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There has never been a better time to get into the music business.

The advent of digital technology has revolutionised the music industry, opened the doors to true independent success for many artists, and levelled the playing field for other music businesses. Learn how Music Business School can help you get started:

“Down a scruffy road lined with industrial courtyards, just off York Way, is the nexus of an singular community. It is quite literally the wrong side of King’s Cross’s overlapping tracks, but Tileyard is the starriest co-working space you’ve never heard of: the 100,000sq ft site caters to musicians, AI entrepreneurs and whip-smart start-ups.”London Evening Standard
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