Funding For The Music Business

One Day Event: Funding For The Music Business

If you have the passion to start a music business but you need a hand-up with finance to get your business going our “Funding For The Music Business” event
on May 30th 2018 is ideal for you.

Who Will Be There?

This event brings together three of the UK’s leading music business funding organisations. They are: Help Musicians UK, The BPI, PRS Foundation, and Arts Council UK. So if Funding For The Music Business is your goal then you should attend.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a clear idea of the music business that they want to start and who is ready to try pitching their idea. These organisations provide funding for a wide range of businesses. Check the links below for more information.

What happens at the event?

You’ll learn about the different funding packages available. You’ll also learn if and how you might qualify and which funding packages are best fitting for you and your business.

Can I get funded on the day? Funding For The Music Business

Yes, you will be able pitch your idea and to start the application process with representatives of the funding organisations. Contact us to find out more what the funding organisations are looking for.