Music Business School Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers offer an international perspective

Here’s a Problem! You are setting up your new music business when you realise that, in this day and age the music business knows no borders. Releasing music across the globe is a mouse click away. So how do you get international know-how and information as you are just starting-up your music business?

Music Business School Guest Speakers represent a diverse and wide range of the most successful of UK music businesses and as many of them travel the world our students benefit from the international experience that they bring into the classroom.

Just this week three of our guest speakers were off to conduct business internationally. Chris Goss, MD, Hospital Records was attending the Amsterdam Music Festival which brings together EDM labels from around the world; Joe Vesayaporn, Squadron Leader, Music Glue was at CMJ in New York, and Henry Semmence, MD Absolute Marketing was heading to L.A. for music business discussions. All had originally been scheduled to speak at the school on one particular day but opted to reschedule, so as to bring their freshly gained international experience and information direct to students on our current MMBE certificate course.

Music Business School Guest Speakers international perspective is additionally enhanced by the international background of some of our speakers. Our guest presentation in Units 12 and 13 on Digital and Online Marketing are presented by Mark Muggeridge of Evil Genius Media. Mark spent many years working in Australia and brings knowledge about that part of the world into our classes.

Our students can also make Music Business School feel a bit like a United Nations of the Music Business as we have had enrolments from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia and many more with students traveling to London to benefit from our industry recognised and accredited course.

Our Music Business School Guest Speakers programme gives students a very rounded view of the music business and ensures that no matter what area of the music business you want to go into, you’re bound to hear from and meet an expert from your area of interest.